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Para Tow NZ is setup to help improve progression training in NZ, with a goal to enable towing over water for SIV instruction.

Instructor Blake Round

Blake Round

Founder of Para Tow NZ.

After 11 years in the sport, I have spent 5 years teaching PG2 and over 6 years as local safety officer. I look at my own progression across many disciplines including acro, SIV and XC and could never have got there without the leadership and direction that came from the experienced pilots around me whilst having regular opportunities to be high over water with a rescue boat. Para Tow NZ is being setup to help pilots have the same opportunities to safely improve their piloting skills.


Winch Operator Ben Kellet

Ben Kellet

Ben has been flying since 2015, and is hugely dedicated to the sport. Acro has been a focus for him over the years but doesn't limit himself to just acro, he also keeps busy chasing many impressive Vol Biv flights. Ben was quick to put his hand up to be involved with Para Tow NZ wanting to do all he can to help progression and safety training within NZ.

Check out his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/BenjaminKellett

Winch Operator Pete Helliwell

Pete Helliwell

Pete is passionate about flying and always keen to share his passion with others. He flys both paragliders and hang glider's (which makes him a bit of a cross dresser but we don't judge). Pete has lead our HG tow courses and is great to have on the team to help us accommodate both disciplines on the tow. When hes not with us he is chasing XC and flying tandem's.


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