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Here are some links for the Local Club, National Association and Tow Manuals.



The Local Paragliding club for Queenstown/Wanaka southern logo

Southern Hang Gliding and Paragliding Club here you will find local contacts and site information for local launches.


 New Zealand Association forms and manuals:


All Recreational Paragliding in New zealand is governed by the New Zealand Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association under its part 149 certificate with CAA. 

Visiting pilots to new zealand must join the New Zealand Association HERE before flying in NZ.


Parawinch G8




Tutorials Tutorials


Video for connecting a tow bridal to your harness.

The following technique is what we use to accommodate modern harnesses in which you cannot turn the carabineers to face backwards.

It also helps to avoid cross loading main carabiners.

NOTE: this is not the only way to connect a tow bridal to a harness.