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Paraglider towing in NZ, using a payout winch imported into NZ for the purpose of progression training. The winch is setup to tow pilots upto 1000m AGL behind the boat where they then release from the line.

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Towing Courses


2 Day Tow Pilot Courses - $350

This course gets you your NZHGPA PG TOW pilot Cert.

You will do a minimum of 8 flights on the tow over two days. Tow courses will be run from a land based tow vehicle, The course also covers the theory and exam.


Boat Tow Days - Per Tow

Prerequisite you must first have your Payout Tow Pilot Rating (PTP) by completing a Tow Pilot Course.

For pilots wanting to practice acro or refresh maneuvers with the safety of water and a boat below them.

Currently we are running Days for qualified tow pilots, If you have your Payout Tow PIlot Rating rating get in touch and you can be added to the watsapp group where we will inform people of upcoming Boat Tow days.

We limit each day to 10 pilots flying.

Email us at [email protected] and we can add you to the watsapp.



Progression/Pilotage Courses  - TBA

Prerequisite you must first have your Payout Tow Pilot Rating (PTP) by completing a Tow Pilot Course.

Do you want to improve your flying and be ready for the upcoming season?

This course is designed to enhance confidence, skill and safety through pilotage training, we will mould the course to suit specific individual needs and requirements. It will essentially be private coaching within a group environment.

The course which will be run over an evening of theory then two days of towing where each pilot will complete 6 flights. Things that can be covered but not limited to: Asymetrics, Wingovers, Spiral Progression, B-line Stall, Optional Tandem, Effective Weight shift, slow flight, Rescue Deployment.

These progression/pilotage courses are not a full SIV course they are more of a Pilotage Course: Full Stalls and Spins will not be instructed as part of this course.


Day1: Starts in the evening approx 5pm for equipment check and briefing in Queenstown

Day2: Towing all day Cromwell

Day 3: Towing in Cromwell Followed by a debrief at Pisa Moorings

Day 4: Weather day just in case we can't make it all happen over the previous days


Advanced Manoeuvre Courses  - TBA

Prerequisite you must first have your Payout Tow Pilot Rating (PTP) by completing a Tow Pilot Course.

This course will cover accelerated asymetrics, Full frontals, stalls and Spins. It will be a requirement that you have either done a progression course prior or have an accepted level of piloting by the instructor running the course.


Courses Upcoming Courses

Upcoming Courses

Please contact us to put your name down as interested for a course.



21-22nd September 2023 Paraglider Tow Course Alexandra Airport Cancelled due to weather.
26-27th October 2023 Paraglider Tow Course  Alexandra Airport 1 of 7 spaces available






Events Events



19-21st March 2021

Acrofest 2021


Acrofest logo

Acrofest Exceeded our expectations the skilled

pilots that entered made for an epic atmosphere.

More Info:

 19-23rd March 2022

 Cromwell  ACROFEST 22 17.02.22

Another epic event enjoyed by all.

Thank you to all who made it possible.

For Event info and results visit:





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